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Núria Perpinyà
And, Suddenly, Paradise

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In Núria Perpinyà’s novel And, Suddenly, Paradise, a group of Internet users spends a season in the mountains in a detoxification clinic. The action takes place in the Tammarian Valley, the setting of her last novel, Al vertigen (To Vertigo). Readers will encounter some of the alpinists from Al vertigen along the way. The same place welcomes those passionate about nature and machines. Some are very active and others very sedentary. What they have in common is that they all love certain things or people too much.

Although their devotion and consequences may seem exaggerated, the stories are based on real people fascinated by the Internet, starting with India, the protagonist.


The addicts who are rehabilitated at the Lubol clinic are of different ages and professions. Some are mesmerized by video games, others chat and find love, and others never leave YouTube. The changing virtual personalities magnify who they are, although some lose themselves.

The story is presented by two narrators: Dr. Neuska, and India, a friend of one of the patients. The alternation between chapters is not symmetrical, which creates points of confusion and uncertainty. Since there is no temporal dimension on the Internet and everything exists in an eternal present that is continually updated, Perpinyà’s novel also plays with various temporal moments which, combined, contravene the earthly laws of physics, creating unexpected paradoxes.

Title Info

Núria Perpinyà

And, Suddenly, Paradise (2024)

Translated by Mara Faye Lethem

ISBN: 978-1940625-###

USD $24.00

Forthcoming November 2024

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