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Gabriele Tinti

Bleedings cover
Bleedings poems

Title Info

Gabriele Tinti

Bleedings — Incipit Tragoedia (2023)

Translated by David Graham

Translator Editor: Nicholas Benson

ISBN: 978-1-940625-60-7

USD $20.00

Forthcoming: July 2023

Artist Cover by Andres Serrano

Bleedings — Incipit Tragoedia is a series of poems Tinti composed in the spring of 2020. The epigraphic collections of the National Roman Museum, the Capitoline Museums, and the

National Archæological Museum of Naples, as well as the most recent funerary inscriptions, were a spur for this work that aims to transfigure our fear of death, pain, and suffering.


A writing that starts from ruins, crosses cemeteries, and smells wounds, the traces of what has disappeared. It is born of a memory of the ancient & a contempt for the contemporary.

In 2016, Tinti  published Last  Words (Skira  Rizzoli), a collection of found poetry in association with Andres Serrano. In 2020, he published The Earth Will Come To Laugh and To Feast (Powerhouse Books), a poetry collection with illustrations by the artist Roger Ballen. In 2021, he published Ruins (London: Eris Press).

Cover image for Bleedings: Blood Stream by Andres Serrano, courtesy of the artist. 

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