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Blixa Bargeld
Europe Crosswise: A Litany

Blixa Bargeld

Being on the road — the ultimate litany

“I am simply a traveling explorer conducting research, without a commission, specialty, or expertise.”


In this semi-fictional account, Blixa Bargeld recounts life on tour in 2008 with Einstürzende Neubauten — from Lisbon to Moscow, Oslo to Naples, criss-crossing Europe. Along the way we encounter mind numbing routines, interesting restaurants (good and bad), colorful museums, rocky bus rides, mundane hotels, odd characters and old friends — they’re all there.  Along with the structure holding it all together, namely, a recurring setlist that is invoked as a litany.  In the end the book proves to be a declaration of love for Europe, and in the current dark times we are presently living through, more immediate than ever.



The book, first published in German in 2009, is something of a semi-fictional travel journal from the “Alles Wieder Offen” Tour. Translated by author and radioplay artist Mark Kanak. 

Image of Blixa Bargeld © Thomas Rabsch

Title Info

Blixa Bargeld

Europe Crosswise: A Litany (2022)

Translated by Mark Kanak

ISBN: 978-1-940625-56-0

USD $16.00

Pub'd September 12, 2022

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