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Hyperion is seeking writings translated into English from Catalan (or Aranese) for a special issue to be published later this year. Translations should preferably be of work that has not yet been rendered into English.

Material can include fiction, poetry, essays (philosophy, architecture, art, cinema, music, food), or hybrid material in which genres are fused, broken, or disrupted (think Blanchot’s conception of literature). Deviations. Any food-related material should be unorthodox (no recipes) and in line with our Agrodolce series. We are also seeking original artwork by Catalan artists, which may be featured on the cover.

Our vision is informed by a poetics of hospitality, which is enacted through translation. In being a home to lone and often exiled or eclipsed voices which hover at margins and thresholds, if not beyond or outside them, Contra Mundum serves as a home to world culture, welcoming the voices, and so the lives and experiences, of “foreigners.”

In general, we are interested in more exacting and challenging writers who in their use of form and style are à rebours, writers whose work tests the boundaries of thought and experience. No naturalism, no realism, no issue-oriented stuff more suited to newspapers.

Time period: contemporary, or late 19th to 20th century.

Submission guidelines: For poetry, send samples of up to 10–12 pages of the translation (this page count does not include the original). All other material can be up to 20 pages (250 words per page, set in 11 pt font). Deadline: July 31.

We will be applying for a grant to support this venture; if received, an honorarium will be provided to submissions covered by the grant.

Send material to:


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