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In collaboration with the John Marchant Gallery, we present the first event on our publication of Artaud's Journey to Mexico.

Join renowned scholar Stuart Kendall, who will be discussing the surrealist poet, writer, artist and actor Antonin Artaud’s notorious 1936 journey to Mexico to reclaim himself after a series of artistic calamities in Paris, through peyote rituals with the Tarahumara people.

For this special launch event, Kendall will guide us through this fascinating trip and it’s consequences for this uniquely enigmatic and compelling artist. 

Artaud’s Journey to Mexico takes us far from home to the limits of art and anthropology, myth and religion, to confront the legacies of colonial conquest and the possibility of decolonization in a desperate search for a “vital form of culture.”

Edited, introduced, and with notes and a chronology by Stuart Kendall

Translated by Rainer J. Hanshe

"I came to Mexico looking for a new idea of man. Man in the face of inventions, sciences, discoveries, but as only Mexico can still give it to us, I mean with this open framework, but carrying deep within it the ancient animal relationships of man with nature that were established by the old Toltecs, the ancient Maya and, in short, all the races that from century to century have created the greatness of the Mexican soil."


John Marchant Gallery

37 Ship Street

Brighton BN1 1AB

Saturday 23 March 2024


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