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Paul Celan — Microliths They Are, Little Stones

Announcing the first-ever translation of Paul Celan's posthumous prose

In the mid-fifties Celan suggested that he had a mind for writing that “would be a bit more sober & more spacious” than his poems. And yet, in his life-time Celan published very little of such “more spacious” work — i.e. prose — except for two essays that were public award-acceptance speeches, and a few occasional bits and pieces often published, or better, hidden away in obscure places. It is only with this volume, edited by Barbara Wiedemann and Bertrand Badiou, that Celan’s multifaceted achievements as a prose writer can be discovered.

From biting, bitter aphorisms that Celan called "counterlights," to poetological critiques, to narratives including stories and dialogues with the background of his Jewish fate.

Translated by Pierre Joris, who this year concludes a 52-year involvement with bringing Celan’s oeuvre into English. This is the only major collection of Paul Celan’s prose, published in 2020, Celan's 100th birth- & 50th death-year.

Full description, free sample, and ordering links available here.

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