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Ugo Tognazzi Hits the New York Times

In the dining section of Aug 11 NYT, Eric Kim reflects on the history of penne alla vodka, noting that "one of the first written accounts of vodka in creamy tomato pasta comes from the 1974 cookbook and memoir L’Abbuffone (later translated to English as The Injester). In it, the Italian actor Ugo Tognazzi has a recipe for pasta all’infuriata, “furious pasta,” essentially a pasta all’arrabbiata with a splash of Polish chile-vodka."

For more mouth-watering recipes from Tognazzi, and tales of his life at table and on stage and in the cinema, pick up a copy. It's a hell of a read.

Tognazzi's The Injester is the second publication of our Agrodolce Series, a line of unorthodox books on food that began with Dejan Lukić's The Oyster. Here's the cover to that exquisite little book, designed by Alessandro Segalini from an image by Federico Gori.


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