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Contra Mundum Press now has an alternative patronage experiment composed of two branches: THE FUTURE OF KULCHUR and THE MAECENAS CONSTELLATION. Our aim is to find a minimum of 300 patrons per year for the first while the latter more modest branch is without limit.

THE FUTURE OF KULCHUR is our higher tier branch and entails donating $500 per year (merely about $10/wk, or $42/month). Part tax-deductible donation, part exchange, for this contribution you will receive every CMP book published during the patronage period, a limited edition tote bag, and a 30% discount when purchasing any of our other books. When possible, signed or limited editions of books will be offered as well. All donations are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas. See our flyer for The Future of Kulchur here.

THE MAECENAS CONSTELLATION is our lower tier branch and entails a modest pledge of $60 per year. Aside from receiving 2 books of your choice per year in advance of publication and a limited edition tote bag, members are entitled to a 30% discount when purchasing any of our other books. Both branches will have the opportunity of purchasing limited edition books only available to members.

If you work for a company that has a Matching Gift Program, please ask them about matching your donation. All funds will be used for general operating expenses, yearly production costs (printing, catalog fees, etc.), advertising & outreach, and editorial, proofreading, translation, typography, design and licensing fees. Funds may also be used for participating in book fairs and staging events. Additionally, they may be used for the different experiences we wish to develop and to modernize the Hyperion section of our website.


The individuals who participate in this patronage experiment together form the inner circle of Contra Mundum Press. Through its combined resources, the two branches of our patronage experiment, instigated by ideas André Schiffrin proposes in Words & Money, will serve as an entity akin to a Renaissance patron. To become a member of either is to express your confidence in and support of such cultural work, and to aid us in continuing it. A unified assemblage of individuals can make a modern Maecenas.


With bookstores and presses around the world struggling to survive, and many even closing, we hope to establish this alternative form of patronage as a means for establishing a continuous & stable foundation to safeguard the longevity of Contra Mundum Press.

To contribute toward THE FUTURE OF KULCHUR branch, visit our Fiscal Sponsor page:


To contribute toward THE MAECENAS CONSTELLATION branch,

send your contribution to us via paypal:


PayPal ButtonPayPal Button


Sponsorships can be in the form of: aiding the publication of a forthcoming book; funding the acquisition of a specific book (translation rights) that suits our catalog (one already under consideration or one you suggest); or sponsoring a forthcoming translation. Sponsorships should be in the amount of $1,500 and above. As a sponsor, your name will be listed in our colophon, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

Contra Mundum Press also welcomes donations. All donations are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. Contact our publicity & marketing director, Bruno Lesky, for more details.

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